Day 6–A summer Saturday in Steamboat

Day 6 was another fantastic day in paradise—in this case, Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A sunny day, with perfect temperatures in the high 70s, made for a fun, scenic and historic ride.

This was our second "two-fer" of the Tour with morning and afternoon rides. The morning leg was a 26.42 mile ride from Steamboat Springs to Hayden. This ride followed along the scenic vistas of the Yampa River—which was very full and raging with the spring snow melt. Bryan and Steve were again the "Team", and started strong from the western edge of Steamboat Springs.

Bryan led the pace and rode to Hayden. But exhaustion, cramps and leg rashes from the weekend slowed him and eventually he decided to rest and recuperate. The Team vehicle promptly sped him home to HQ and he restored himself in the beauty of the ski resort.

His father on the other hand, was feeling like Superman—and continued in the afternoon with 17.23 mile ride from Hayden to Craig. He then texted the Team that he wanted to ride BACK as well. Ok....

So, while Steve was "dancing on the pedals" the Team took in the 26th Annual Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup with hundreds of Ford Mustangs lining up and down the old downtown area. But how many of these beauties can you look at after a while? With some concern, the Team then went back out in search of Steve, still out on the course after nearly three and half hours. We found him 10 miles outside of Steamboat, heading back in, looking fresh and riding strong...unbelievable! Steve did a personal best of 81 miles and was a very happy camper indeed. In fact, he wanted to ride some more! But all was good as the Team rode twice the amount that they what they wanted to, and feel great going into the next ride.

We are back in our Castle Rock HQ until Friday, when Day 7 beckons....see the route here.