Want to ride the Pink Lightning Courage Tour with us? Or part of the way? Either way, sign up for the Courage Classic on any team at www.CourageTours.com, raise your minimum donations and you can ride with us on any leg of our tour and ride in the Courage Classic. We would love to have you on our team! Sign up for Team Pink Lightning.  We also encourage you to ride the last leg or the last mile of our tour with us as we cross the Courage Classic finish line on July 19th.

We are riding around the state of Colorado to promote Children's Hospital Colorado and raise funds as part of the 25th Annual Courage Classic. The journey will take 43 days covering over 1000 miles and will end on Monday, July 21st at the Courage Classic finish line at Copper Mountain.  We ride to encourage kids to overcome their obstacles, remain physically active, pursue their dreams and to gather stories of courage.

But it is more than supporting the Pink Lightning Team. It is telling your story—what challenges you've faced, overcome and how you achieved success. It is the stories like the one of Griffin McConnell.

To help stop Griffin's frequent and severe epileptic seizures, doctors at Children's Hospital Colorado recommended a surgery that essentially disconnected half of his brain. Six months after the surgery, the seizures have stopped and Griffin is using the cerebral game of chess to aid his recovery.

Griffen is one of countless reasons to ride. You, friends and family most likely know someone that provides another reason to ride. So come out and ride with me. Sign-up here.