Day 5–Rashes, Rabbit Ears and Reunions

Day 5 broke sunny and warm at our Steamboat Spring headquarters. Unfortunately, Bryan woke up with a severe skin rash and aching joints. After some parental encouragement, medication and lotion, Bryan decided he wanted to ride. After completing more of the ride than planned yesterday, the start was moved to the intersection of CO-14 and US-40—the east side of Rabbit Ears Pass. In front of the team was a 29 mile climb of 3,394 feet and net descent of 1,329 feet over the pass and finishing at Steamboat Springs.

Steve and Bryan took off and were over the east side within minutes. As they approached the west summit, a little blue Volkswagen Bug appeared on the horizon, coming up fast. This was no ordinary Bug, though. It contained Madi, Bryan's girlfriend, who had been away in California for over a week. The summit reunion was intense—as the two teens excitedly jumped into each other, and the "Moms", Wendy and Yvette, looked on.

But the REAL fun was about happen. Steve and Bryan mounted up and took off for the steep downhill plunge on the west side of the pass. We in the Pink Lightning mobile clocked Bryan at 48 mph as we were grooving to classic Neil Young songs on the massive stereo. The Team descended into the Yampa Valley and finished strong in Steamboat Springs. We marveled at the tremendous amount of brightly colored Ford Mustangs that are in Steamboat for the 26th Annual Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup. Bryan, being the car buff, was particularly enthralled. Another great day in Colorado...and we wouldn't have any other way.

A special thanks goes to Yvette and Madison Torrise for Team Pink Lightning support!