The dictionary tells us that Courage is "the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery".

But we think that Courage is an indispensable yet surprisingly underrated commodity. Simple, everyday life requires courage.

Courage is a kind of strength, power or resolve to meet a scary circumstance head on. Courage is called upon whenever we confront a difficult, frightening, painful or disturbing situation. When our resources are challenged or pushed to the absolute limit. When we feel threatened, weak, vulnerable, intimidated or terrified. When our first instinctive reaction is to flee. At such times, life is begging an existential question of us: Can we find the courage to face and defeat our fear, or will we be defeated by it?

Courage is essentially a choice. Courage is the decision to stand up and withstand. To pick oneself up, dust oneself off, and "keep on keepin' on." To stand and fight when appropriate rather than run. To tolerate or attack rather than cower and withdraw. To persevere rather than quit. To act with integrity rather than expedience. To take responsibility rather than slough it off. To embrace reality rather than retreat from it. To move forward in life rather than regress or stagnate. To create rather than destroy. To love rather than hate.

We are sharing the courageous stories of the people who inspired us. And we've been asking you to share with us: Who do you know that is courageous? Who are you inspired by? Tell us on Twitter, or tell us your story here.

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