Day 7–Up and Over Vail Pass

Day 7 was another spectacular day where the weather was only out done by the magnificent scenery of Vail Pass. Vail Pass is the only Colorado mountain pass with a bike path the entire distance on both sides, making for a wonderful ride experience. It can be reached from anywhere in Summit County. We decided to start in Silverthorne.

We met at Silverthorne Town Pavilion, and were presently surprised when four more Pink Lightning Team riders showed up to ride with us. We dubbed the day "Chris Callow Day" in honor of Chris, who has rode more miles with Bryan than anyone except his father, Steve.

Once all the prep was handled (expertly by Team concierge Jake Warnecke) we saddled up and began the ride. Silverthorne to Copper Mountain was a breeze—and we gritted our teeth and shifted our gears—and began the ascent up the pass.

The path is paved and very well kept so the 6 of us paced very well and were up and over in a very short time. Bryan and Chris set the pace and before we knew it the 37 miles were done. We ended in Donovan Park, West Vail, and said our goodbyes. 

A perfect day, a perfect ride, and a perfect Team. On to Eagle for Day 8. See the route here.

Thanks to these riders:

  • Chris Callow
  • Linda Holmstad
  • Jim DeLapp
  • Tony Troxell
  • Steve Warnecke

And another Thanks to those who showed up in support:

Jake Warnecke, Wendy Warnecke