The Courage Classic – The King of Fundraising

Our Tour was over but the party was just getting started! On Sunday night, The Pink Lightning Team attended the 25th Annual Courage Classic Gala, recognizing the riders and teams that participated in the 2014 Classic. The event was held at the base of Copper Mountain on a night where raindrops and accolades showered down upon the participants.

After a brief happy hour of cocktails and hors 'd oeuvres, the Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation staff began the festivities by recognizing the top 5 teams and the top 5 riders based on overall donations. Bryan was last year's top rider after raising more than $74,000—earning the #1 Bike flag for this year's Classic. But he nearly QUADRUPLED that number with over $273,000 as of today's date. This year's number ONE as well. Simply amazing!

Bryan's father Steve, stepped to the podium and spoke about the Pink Lightning Team. He then told the audience about Bryan's story and the particular health struggles that he has endured in 2014. After speaking about Bryan's dream of being the person with cystic fibrosis to compete in the Olympics (as a hockey goalie), he introduced the man himself.

Bryan stepped to the podium and graciously acknowledged the members of the team—especially the support and love he has received from his parents, his brother Jake and girlfriend Madi—and then thanked all of the other riders and support staff that has made his 2014 Courage Tour of Colorado a resounding success.

After a wonderful ovation from the crowd, Bryan relaxed with his Team, family and friends. There was a rumor floating around that he later snuck out of the Gala with Madi—and had a romantic dinner in Copper Mountain village. Since no photos have surfaced to confirm this, it at this time remains only a rumor.

So this is the end of the line....for now. Bryan is already attending hockey camps and practices as he prepares for the 2014-2015 hockey season. Stay tuned as we will update this blog as to his progress...making his next dream come true.