Day 19 – Continuing Our Streak, Along Clear Creek

Ride 19 was our final "two-fer"—with two rides that went from Evergreen to Georgetown. The first leg was 9.67 miles from Genesee Park in Evergreen to Idaho Springs. Like all of our rides during the Courage Tour, we had great weather and wonderful friends to ride with us. We also had the great fortune to have a newly paved US-40 to ride on from Evergreen to Idaho Springs. Smooth!

Bryan and Jim DeLapp set the pace and quickly led Laura Barton and Steve up and over Floyd Hill and around the construction of I-70, where the tunnel project is continuing to "blast" along. The PL Yukon got through too, and met the team at Courtney Riley-Cooper Park, in Idaho Springs. Tommyknocker's Brewery was appealing, but we needed to continue up the valley. Oh well, there is always "next time"...

After our break next to Clear Creek and the historic Argo Mine, we then rode 12.06 miles from Idaho Springs on US-6 along Clear Creek, ending up next to Georgetown Lake. The shimmering lake had it's share of anglers, hoping for the catch of the day. After a brief break, and a warm goodbye, Jim departed. He headed back down the road to Evergreen while the rest of the Team commuted and had lunch. Another great ride with great friends and now a fond memory—in a tour chock full of them.