Day 16 – The Biggest Ride, The Best People

Ride 16 was a fantastic ride from Children's Hospital at Briargate in Colorado Springs to our home base of Castle Rock. What made the day so special were not only the 26 riders that joined Team Pink Lightning to ride, but the wonderful Children’s Hospital Colorado Outpatient Specialty Care Center staff as well. 

The ride started with everyone gathering at the Outpatient Specialty Care Center for breakfast, generously sponsored by our friends at Salsa Brava. The food was delicious and got the riders "fueled up" for the 47 mile route. In addition, riders could get their bikes tuned up on premise with a bike tech from Pro Cycling. Thank you for your generosity in celebration of Courage Classic’s Team Pink Lightning’s stop in Colorado Springs.

After breakfast, Greg Raymond, Regional Vice President at Children's Hospital Colorado, thanked the crowd for their support—Children's Hospital at Briargate has big plans for Colorado Springs! Then Steve Warnecke, Bryan's dad, spoke to the assembled riders and introduced 13 year old Noah, a 2014 patient ambassador for Children's Hospital Colorado. 

Noah was born with a congenital heart defect called pulmonary venous return above the diaphragm. Doctors punctured a hole in his heart for a temporary fix, and eventually did open heart surgery to permanently repair his defect. Noah is now healthy and participating with his family in the Courage Classic. He also is a great kid, with a terrific smile. Thanks for being a part of the day Noah!

After a few last minute instructions from Steve, the riders took a formal picture and saddled up. One special rider along for the day was Samantha (Sammie) Heinrich, a Cat 1 Road Cyclist, C5 Para-Cyclist and current member of the U.S. Paralympic Cycling Team. Sammie was a welcome addition to pace the team along with Bryan.

On the bikes and down the hill called Briargate Avenue! The route took the Team past the Air Force Academy, up the Old Denver Road and into downtown Monument. It was here where the Team took a break—as some riders could do an "out-and-back"—to return to their cars. After some food and hydration, the remaining riders took off towards Palmer Lake on CO-105, otherwise known as Perry Park Road.

The "Sag Wagon" (SG) and Bryan's main support team, mom Wendy, girlfriend Madi and aunt Nancy, decided that the Monument Farmer's Market was in need of more attendees. Shopping! Always a welcome activity on a perfect, sunny, Colorado day.

After the day's purchases were stowed, the SG caught up with the Team at Fox Farm Road. All but three of the riders, turned back towards Colorado Springs—putting in a 60 mile roundtrip. Bryan, Steve, Mike Rosser and Steve Pelican "headed for home" on Perry Park Road, a crazy mile on I-25, and on the frontage road into Castle Rock. It truly was the biggest ride with the best people! A fantastic day!

Thank You to all of the riders:

  • Dave Aspenson
  • Sue Aspenson
  • Brad  Bailey
  • John Balk
  • Karla  Balk
  • Emily Brown
  • Allyn Brown
  • Tom Debolt
  • Melissa Devolve
  • Tony Eret
  • Tom Hagney
  • Sam Heinrich
  • Kathy Hilt
  • Bobby Ingels
  • Mark Klosky
  • Jean McKeon
  • Bill Monte
  • Vito Pagano
  • Steve Pelican
  • Kevin Quinn
  • Michael Rasser
  • Robin Rasser
  • Dr. Sidney Rubinow
  • Brent Talbot
  • Renee Van Treuren
  • Robin Waters
  • Mike Waters

 A Special Thank You to the staff of Children's Hospital at Briargate in Colorado Springs

  • Barbara Frank
  • Paula Freund
  • Sonya Norris
  • Greg Raymond
  • Jenny Stafford

With assistance from Monique McCoy of Children's Hospital Main Campus. Thank you.