Day 2–Sunshine and rain, big support from Newton Running!

Day 2 of The Courage Tour had us starting at the Children's Hospital Colorado North Campus  and riding 17.7 mile ride to the home of Jerry Lee (Newton Running Founder). While the day was cloudy, the riders involved were very sunny—happy to come out and support us. The ride was a wonderful journey through the heart of bucolic Boulder county, where we encountered many farms, open spaces and grassland. We rode mainly west straining to see the Flatirons—alas, the were obscured by clouds.

After a short break we rolled through the hillsides as the clouds grew darker and lightning was striking the not-to-distant foothills. Thanks to the pace set by the Newton riders, we got to the Lee residence jet as the first raindrops began to fall. The best rider of the day award goes to Wendy Lee for her grit and determination riding a touring bike the entire way.

Jerry's wife Donna had prepared a delicious BBQ lunch for us, and the Team warmed up and dined in the beautiful home overlooking Sixmile Reservoir. The newest member of the Team, Isaac the St. Bernard greeted us and made all of the riders feel at home.

Unfortunately, the rain increased and scrubbed the afternoon ride. But given the camaraderie and genuine love and support from Newton Running we feel like the day was a fantastic success!

A Special Thanks to:

  • Jerry Lee
  • Donna Lee
  • Wendy Lee

Thanks to these riders:

  • Ian Adamson (Newton Running)
  • Ann Klein (Newton Running)
  • Craig Heisner (Newton Running)
  • Jerry Lee (Newton Running)
  • Wendy Lee (Newton Running)
  • Les Lee (Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation)
  • Don Reichelt (Newton Running)
  • Steve Roy (Vet DC)
  • Johannes Schmidt  (Newton Running)
  • Steve Warnecke

And another Thanks to those who showed up in support:

Wendy Warnecke and Ellie Newman

Tuesday we will be on Day 3—See Route Here