Day 11 – Ups, Downs, Ups, Ups, and more Ups!

Ride 11 was a 72.41 mile ride with 7,056 feet of climb from Silverton to Tellureide. We stayed in Silverton at the Wyman Hotel (Built in 1902) and this is where Steve started out. Steve only? What about Bryan?

One of the issues surrounding kids and teens with cystic fibrosis is medication. Everyday, Bryan takes 50 pills of meds and enzymes (to help in the digestion and absorption of food). These medications, of course, are carefully monitored and adjusted as needed. So on the Silverton / Telluride leg Bryan did not ride—as Steve and Wendy were trying a new medication. Unfortunately, the side effects included stomach pains and headache—which overwhelmed Bryan. In addition, he was also coming down with a cold and was having some breathing issues.  (Note: his parents stopped the new med and he feels better already). But that was the only "down" on a day full of "ups"...

Steve rode from Silverton, over Red Mountain Pass until the road got too narrow and pretty dangerous. There are many areas where there are no side railings and the white stripe marking the shoulder was eroded away—no shoulders. He rode again at the top of the pass down through Ouray, through Ridgeway, over another pass (Dallas Summit), to Sawpit, CO for a total of 57 miles and TWO category 2 climbs. Steve has a day of "Ups"...

Silverton and Ouray have tons of abandoned mines and ghost towns. We toured past the abandoned white houses of the old Idarado Mine with it's many mines shafts. While Steve was out on the road, Wendy took Bryan to lunch at the Silver Nugget Restaurant. The staff were great—and were very generous to them. Another "Up" for us!

Meanwhile, Steve rode on—and Wendy and Bryan caught up with him in the old mining town of town of Sawpit, CO.

Todd Mehlin runs the Mercantile in Sawpit and handed Bryan $25 to go towards the Pink Lightning Team's fundraising goal of $500,000. That was an "Up". Thank you Todd—what a great guy!

At that point, we loaded up Steve and headed towards our new HQ at the Hotel Madeline. They too, got into the cause and gave us a significant discount form their normal rates! Again a another "Up"! Thank You Hotel Madeline.

After a brief rest, the Warneckes rode the gondola from the mountain village to Telluride, and wonderful young woman, Joanna Wenand, gave us $40 towards the cause. The final "Up" in a day that was indeed full of them. Thank You Joanna—you are such a great person!  We topped of the night with amazing food at Floradora Saloon—we gave the owner a Pink Lightning card. We think another "Up" may be coming our way, based on his generosity....

Steve was suffering from altitude sickness so he stayed the night down to the main Telluride which is 8,000 ft, since we are at 14,000 feet at the hotel. Bryan is feeling so much better—and our hearts are lifted by all the love and support we are getting along our adventure.